Healthcare Analytics Certificate Program grad David Wood headshot

Student Spotlight: David Wood

As an already experienced healthcare professional, David Wood realized he needed more focused training to keep up with the trends of the healthcare industry. As assistant director of quality management at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Wood didn’t have time in his busy schedule to commit to a full-time degree program in healthcare analytics.

Seeking new ways to push his team forward and better utilize the wealth of data they have at their disposal, Wood enrolled in UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Healthcare Analytics Certificate Program. “The certificate program covered key topics over a timeline that integrated well with my already taxing schedule,” said Wood, who completed the program in December 2018.

Looking for ways to ensure the maximum wellbeing of patients, Wood and his team were focused on patient safety and quality metrics. “If we have opportunities to leverage data to identify potential risks before they result in an event and potential patient harm, I would like to be able to take a more proactive approach in clinical performance activities.”

Wood said that the most valuable aspect of the program was the data visualization content. “Ultimately, it does not matter how robust an organization’s analytics program is if data is not presented to an audience in a way that is informative and insightful,” he said. “The certificate program has a strong focus both on tools and techniques to help with this challenge, and I can see a clear improvement in the materials that I produce for my organization on a daily basis.”

Although initially skeptical of the program’s online format, Wood was ultimately impressed. “I saw no limitations to the group projects or class presentations as a result of the virtual format,” he said. “It was helpful to hear feedback from both classmates and faculty, and I have been able to incorporate that feedback in my day-to-day professional work.”

Wood credits the certificate program with helping him make more informed decisions and notes that the diverse mix of students and faculty augments the course content. “I would definitely recommend this certificate program,” he said. “The field of healthcare analytics continues to grow and there is an ever-increasing focus on patient safety and quality. The wide array of hands-on experiences throughout the program is a great opportunity to explore tools and techniques that may be helpful in your organization.”

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