Applied Healthcare Statistics


Successful healthcare analysts require a solid grasp of statistical inference as a foundation of their work. Designed for clinical and operational analysts, this course introduces concepts in healthcare epidemiology, outcomes research and experimental studies. The course focuses on four domains: 1) fundamentals of data and statistics 2) techniques to assess relationships between exposure and outcomes 3) study design and 4) measuring main effects and error. Through online lectures and hands-on practice, students will explore methods to analyze healthcare data, contrast efficacy and effectiveness trials, and learn strategies to adjust for patient, provider and hospital characteristics in a statistical model. All topics will be covered in the context of their direct application to health care. By the end of this course students will be able to design a healthcare study; assess confounding, biases, internal and external validity; and understand variance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of statistical techniques widely used to conduct healthcare research
  • Develop a study design to appropriately address a research question
  • Differentiate between the various components in a statistical model (variables, parameters, error)
  • Calculate performance characteristics of a clinical assay (sensitivity, specificity, predictive value)
  • Conduct a simple analysis of [at least] three variables (predictor, outcome and other) using statistical software

Skills You Will Gain

  • Applied statistics
  • Epidemiology and applications to healthcare
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Statistics theory
  • Measurements of precision and accuracy in models
Academic Units
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Instruction Method
Online class

Section Notes

Course begins September 27 and ends December 6. 

This is not a self-paced course. Students will progress through the course together. Course modules are released weekly, where lessons typically load on Wednesdays and are due the following Tuesdays. You can log in and work on courses at any time within that week to view lectures and complete assignments. The previous week's lesson will remain available for the duration of the course. If you enroll after the course start date, you will need to contact the instructor regarding missed lessons.

This is the last time this course will be offered. If you do not complete this course this quarter, there will not be an option to transfer to a later quarter.

Refund Deadline: October 13, 2023.  Refunds and/or enrollment transfers will not be approved after this date.

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Refund Deadline: October 13, 2023.  Refunds and/or enrollment transfers will not be approved after this date.


Introduction to Statistics (or equivalent).

Technical Requirements

Please note this course will use SAS® OnDemand for Academics: Studio, which is compatible with Microsoft Windows environments. View complete technical specifications here. Additional, program specific software and analytical tool requirements may be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Section Course Materials

Introductory Applied Biostatistics

ISBN-13: 978-0534423995


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