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Career Resources

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education provides education that transforms your career, either by advancing in your current role or taking an entirely new professional direction. As a CPE student, you have access to a wealth of career development resources including our free, personalized portal, designed to support your professional growth. This platform helps you:

  • Explore career paths and view thousands of job openings
  • Create or update your résumé using an interactive resume builder
  • Practice and hone your interview skills using an interactive tool
  • Develop or refine your professional goals
  • Build a career plan and create your professional brand
  • Boost your communication and leadership skills
  • And much more!

Questions? Watch a video about getting started with our Career Resources Platform.

Browse other resources on this page, and reach out to our enrollment coaches to learn how we can help you shape your career.

UCTV Career Channel

The University of California Career Channel provides information, tools and expert advice to help you on your career journey. Available to students, recent graduates and established professionals, the Career Channel shares the latest information on job trends and current employer needs. 

Job Seeker Resources

More information on jobs in the Sacramento region and at UC Davis is available at the resources provided below.

Future-Proof Your Career

Check out these webinars that will help you ace interviews, maximize your professional network, use LinkedIn effectively, and more.

Career News

Read more about our students and graduates, as well as career outlook articles.


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