Student Reviews

Amy Shuman, workforce development director, UC Davis

“Whether you’ve been coaching for a year or two or you just have a passion for helping people, I would absolutely recommend this program. It’s a great way to learn the core competencies and to get practice.”

Spring 2022 Program Graduate

“This class formed the foundation upon which I will build my coaching style. I intend to start my own coaching practice and am already using what I've learned with clients.”

Spring 2022 Program Graduate

“I am going to first and foremost apply it to improve over all communication in my personal relationships. I am also going to be able to take this forward and hopefully begin to coach professionally, knowing that I went through a very high quality course and am well trained.”

Ray Weaver, owner and CEO, ABOGE Coaching and Consulting

“As a 30-year Air Force veteran, I understand the importance of life-long learning. I chose to enroll in UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's Professional Coaching for Life and Work Certificate Program to improve my skills and make myself more marketable as I sought new opportunities. It led to my opening a successful business venture and aided in my transition from military to civilian life and work. I currently support other veterans with the skills I obtained from my Continuing and Professional Education experience. I encourage other GI Bill-eligible veterans to look into the programs offered by Continuing and Professional Education. They are sure to find one that will support their needs and possibly launch them in a new, prosperous life season.”

Tina Shaw, ACC

“The program facilitators are outstanding! Since graduating from the program, I earned my ACC credential through ICF and am working toward my PCC. I have coached dozens of individuals, helping them develop leadership behaviors, evolve as entrepreneurs and improve their relationships.”

Amy Andrew

“I chose the UC Davis Professional Coaching for Life and Work Certificate Program because the program was offered as a certificate through an accredited and respected university. I was also able to take advantage of tuition assistance through my employer. I most appreciated the relationships I built with others in my cohort, my teachers and mentor coaches. I now have deep, life-long connections.”

Marla Collins

“The UC Davis Professional Coaching for Life and Work program teaches the ICF core competencies in-depth. My coaching business has been very successful and has exceeded my projections and expectations. It’s been a win/win proposition!”