Controlling Quality in Project Management

Quarter Academic Credit

Organizations are constantly implementing quality management programs to improve the quality of their goods and services, reduce costs and increase productivity. This course is intended for project management professionals and anyone interested in learning the latest tools and methods for ensuring project quality. Through online lectures and interactive examinations of real-world case studies, students will learn how quality management concepts integrate with project management practices to create a system that delivers on three key concepts: customer satisfaction, prevention over inspection and continuous improvement. Students will explore a variety of quality management processes, such as identifying customer requirements, cost- benefit analysis, benchmarking, cause and effect diagrams and more. By the end of the course, students will be able to apply these concepts in order to achieve better results for their projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply quality management concepts and processes
  • Create a quality management plan to implement project quality
  • Apply quality planning, assurance and control concepts

Skills You Will Gain

  • Project quality management
  • Quality control
  • Quality assurance
  • Project processes analysis
Course Code