Introduction to Python Programming

Quarter Academic Credit

For several years, Python has been globally ranked as the top programming language used in industry, and is a logical stepping stone to learning more complicated programming languages like C++ and Java. As the first course in our Python for Data Analysis Professional Concentration, this online course is designed for professionals looking to develop relevant software skills and is suitable for anyone looking for a structured and focused introduction to programming, especially for professionals in non-technical roles looking to switch to a more technical career. 

Through remote lectures, group discussions and hands-on activities, this beginner course will give you a foundational understanding of programming and open doors for professional development. By the end of this course, you will have enough technical knowledge and Python programming experience to further explore on your own or in more advanced courses. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Write and execute Python code in the Jupyter Notebook environment 
  • Use Python data structures and control flow structures to accomplish data-driven tasks 
  • Process text files in common formats like comma-separated values (.csv) files 
  • Document and debug Python code 

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Basic script writing
  • Utilizing core Python language features and functions 
  • Utilizing the interactive development environment Jupyter Notebooks 
Course Code
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Introduction to Python Programming Apr 8 Enroll Now