Sports Medic

Jump into the role of a sports medicine intern and get an introduction to physicians’ skills in the sports medicine field, from conducting initial patient interviews and examinations through diagnosis and treatment. In this online course, you will practice diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries as you learn and apply relevant scientific knowledge, such as anatomy, physiology, physics and biomechanics. In addition, you will learn about common sports injuries and the best ways to deal with them when they occur. You will also explore issues in professional ethics and responsible practice that doctors in sports medicine often face.

During the course, you will work through two cases involving teenaged patients who visit a hospital after sustaining sports-related injuries. In addition to your case work, you will also have tasks in which you will be asked to provide information to people and organizations outside of the hospital on sports-related issues.

This course will run from 4:00-6:00PM PDT Monday through Friday for three weeks. Course activities and class meetings are facilitated by industry experts who partner with UC Davis.

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