Using GIS and Tools for Disaster Response and Recovery

As the occurrence of natural disasters continues to increase, it will be important for state agencies and local communities to have data collection applications ready for fast response to these events. This course has been designed to teach new- to moderate-level GIS professionals how to utilize spatial data and maps to assist in disaster response and recovery operations. Through lecture and hands-on course exercises, students will learn how to prep and use Collector for ArcGIS—a mobile data collection app—and organize, evaluate and display data gathered in Collector to better inform stakeholders about current, on-the­-ground conditions. By the end of this two-day course, learners will be able to competently employ these powerful tools in order to provide field-captured data that will help leaders and first responders rapidly take action in post-disaster situations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Employ ArcMap to construct schemas, geodatabases and feature classes that will facilitate a post-disaster survey
  • Create and upload maps to ArcGIS Online for Collector
  • Utilize Collector for ArcGIS features to gather field data
  • Collect and arrange data gathered with Collector to generate informative maps

Skills Gained

  • ArcGIS
  • ArcMaps
  • Collector for ArcGIS

Watch a case study on the use of Collector for ArcGIS in disaster response situations.

Course Code