Webinar: Content vs Composition of Malt with Glen Fox

During this live webinar, join Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting & Brewing Science at UC Davis, Glen Fox, as he explores some of the hidden traits in malt that impact brewing efficiency and beer flavor, which are not measured in the usual malt tests. Typical malt specifications include data on extract potential, protein modification and wort beta-glucan, along with diastatic power and alpha-amylase. Only the latter two give some insight into the solubilization of starch. Brewers generally can relate this data to their brewing process and will usually get a consistent mash and fermentation. But there is so much more information in the extract potential and modification index not measured. Register now to learn more about this data, including gelatinization temperature and the speed of gelatinization, which provides brewers with information on how quickly the starch would be solubilized in the mash and how efficient the starch degrading enzymes will act.
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