Applied Sensory and Consumer Science Certificate grad Julia Tyrpin headshot

Employer Spotlight: Julia Tyrpin, Griffith Foods

With a focus of “bringing science to the food industry,” Griffith Foods has been serving the field for 100 years as a creative partner specialized in developing unique and innovative culinary concepts and products through a collaborative innovative process that combines sensory and food science with culinary and marketing insights. As part of its professional development opportunities, Griffith Foods has been sending its employees to UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Applied Sensory and Consumer Science Certificate Program since 2002. “Sensory is one of our greatest competitive advantages in the market,” said Julia Tyrpin, senior sensory manager with Griffith Foods. “All Griffith sensory scientists are encouraged to complete the program.”

Why do you encourage employees complete the certificate program?

“It is an excellent program that reinforces fundamentals of sensory and consumer science and also practical business applications and networking opportunities through the online forum. There are no other programs available that provide this type of education in sensory and consumer science.”

What value does the program add to your company and the employees you send?

“The program provides a deeper understanding of sensory science than is typically available in the Sensory 101 course of a Food Science program. By having a strong understanding of different sensory approaches, this program provides scientists with a broad toolbox of sensory tools and the confidence to apply them in their roles at Griffith Foods.” 

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