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This is the HR certificate for early career professionals

Whether you’re new to human resource management or looking to enhance your expertise, HR professionals must be able to demonstrate foundational knowledge and practical application of effective practices. Our newly updated certificate provides the education and opportunities for skill development that today’s organizations require.

“People are at the center of all business operations,” says Joanna Siebert, associate director of Business Programs at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. “Now is a critical time to have effective HR management if you want to be successful as an organization.”

As organizations worldwide grapple with adjusting to the new reality caused by COVID-19, the launch of UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s updated Human Resource Management Certificate Program couldn’t be more timely. We reached out to Siebert to talk about the importance of HR and how this updated program is making HR training more accessible and relevant for early career professionals.  

“HR professionals can have a real impact in their workplace. Aligning the right people with the right job at the right time can be very rewarding.”

What makes this new certificate in Human Resource Management unique?

We worked with industry experts to incorporate the fundamentals of HR and what early career professionals and career changers most need in this evolving field. Our newly streamlined certificate program is only four courses, so students can quickly develop the skill set and foundational knowledge necessary to enter the field or improve their status as an HR professional. Students can finish the certificate in as little as six months. With our 6-month Fast Track Option, students know what to expect and have a clear path to completion.

What role does HR play in helping organizations adjust during times of change?

HR professionals are key contributors as business needs change. Professionals working in human resource management may be expected to understand and contribute to emerging business strategies, and will likely be called upon to help their organizations anticipate and meet rapidly evolving workforce needs. HR professionals also serve as resources for their organizations, demonstrating expertise related to large-scale and local policies and mandates, as well as legal and ethical considerations. Today’s HR professional should expect to proactively aid decision making and demonstrate their resourcefulness to business leaders in their organization.

What skills do HR professionals need to be successful?

Foundational HR skills you’ll learn in this program

  • Employment law, ethics and labor relations
  • Performance management and talent development
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Retention and recruitment

The Human Resource Management Certificate Program is currently being offered online with live class sessions, so you can learn and interact with instructors and other students from the comfort of your own home. Learn more

HR professionals need to be adaptable and ready to change—and to help their organizations change. They need to have their eyes and ears open to what’s happening within their organizations, as well as more broadly. Strong critical thinking and analytical skills are essential for interpreting policies and procedures, and emotional intelligence is especially valuable while guiding others to uphold principles and standards. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to analyze, use and report on data and discuss industry trends. Effective writing and communication skills are also key.

Why is education in HR management important?

The field of HR draws people from many different educational and professional backgrounds. Often when this happens, people miss out on the foundational training and knowledge necessary to thrive in a complex field, such as HR management. HR professionals need to be well-informed about laws, policies and ethical issues, and be able to apply effective practices in a number of functional areas. Earning a certificate in HR management is a valuable way to develop credibility and be able to share concrete evidence of skills application in all of the program areas.

How does this program prepare students for a successful career in HR?

This program enables students to immediately apply job-ready skills. Courses include realistic assignments that offer hands-on practice in key areas of HR management. Instructors are engaged and committed to helping students succeed as HR professionals, and networking is strongly encouraged. Students are able to connect with professionals who are currently working in the field and have a lot of real-world experience to share.

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