Joann Hillenbrand

Instructor Spotlight: Joann Hillenbrand

Joann Hillenbrand, CCIFP, is the Chief Financial Officer for Airco Mechanical, Inc., overseeing all aspects of company finances, including accounting and reporting, surety, banking, risk management and human resources. Joann has over 30 years’ experience in construction accounting and finance for both specialty contractors and general contractors.

What made you decide to get into teaching?

I think there were several things that led me to the decision to teach. The first was my son, who began teaching marksmanship in the Marine Corps. I would have never imagined in a million years that he would want to teach, but when he talked about it, I could hear how much he was enjoying the experience. So, I guess you could say he inspired me!

I’m also a graduate of the Construction Management Certificate Program and really admire Linda Clifford, who also teaches the Construction Accounting and Financial Management course. I saw this as an opportunity to walk in her footsteps.

Lastly, I truly love my job and am passionate about construction accounting. I want to help inspire others toward a career in this discipline. I want to help current and aspiring project managers understand the importance of construction accounting and why they need to be able to calculate earned revenue and accurately estimate the cost to complete their projects.

More About the Construction Management Program

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What are you looking forward to most about teaching this course?

I think there’s a perception that construction accounting is a dry and boring topic full of confusing terms and practices. My goal for this class is to make it fun and inspiring for students, while also showing how important the discipline is.

If there’s a single thing you want students to take away from your course, what would it be?

That construction accounting and finance is exciting, fun, challenging and important. I want to dispel the myth that construction accountants are boring bean-counters. Construction accounting is so much more than just numbers!

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