Miriam Chavez

Meet Enrollment Coach Miriam Chavez

Miriam Chavez joins UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Enrollment Services team as the coach for the UC Degree Completion Program. With a master’s degree in education from CSU Fresno, Miriam has a wealth of knowledge in coaching and student success. She has worked with all age groups helping students achieve their goals and navigate their education, most recently at UC Merced where she directly supported students for the past five years.

I’m looking forward to engaging with students and providing them with the support to fulfill their dreams, whether it’s for a career change, career development or a special interest they are hoping to pursue.

¡Yo hablo Español!

What support can you offer students?

One of the main things I can do is to make sure they have all the information they need to make decisions regarding their education and help them find the programs that would be the best fit for their lives, career goals and expectations. I often see students struggle to identify how a program might fit into their lifestyle. Talking through some of the issues and barriers can help them see what options meet their needs, whether it’s time, finances or mode.

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If you started your Bachelor's degree but didn't complete it, schedule a no-cost appointment with Miriam to learn more about the UC Degree Completion Program.

What do you enjoy most about coaching students?

I enjoy being able to learn about their goals and interests and being able to provide them with the appropriate information to pursue those goals. I love hearing from students about what they most enjoyed and how their achievement will continue to positively impact their future endeavors.

Why someone should reach out to an enrollment coach?

If you’re seeking answers to specific questions, reach out. As an enrollment coach, I’m here to talk to through the decision-making process. I understand it is a big commitment, and ideally, can help identify the best program fit for students before they commit to something.

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