LUNR certificate grad Jonathan Bobadilla

Student Spotlight: Jonathan Bobadilla

Jonathan Bobadilla is an energy commission specialist with the California Energy Commission in Sacramento. He recently received a promotion after completing the Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (CPE).

Why did you enroll in CPE’s Land Use and Environmental Planning Certificate Program?

The certificate was attractive because of its relevance to my field and the class scheduling let me continue working full time. Fitting in the course load with work responsibilities was a challenge, but the online format helped tremendously. I didn’t consider any other programs.

What about the program stood out to you?

The most valuable thing I got out of the program was a better understanding of CEQA issues and how to analyze projects with environmental factors involved. I got a look into project planning and the immense amount of work it takes to go from concept to shovels in the ground. I also met some great people in my field who are also trying to be good researchers and analysts.

How has the certificate program augmented your understanding of the industry?

The certificate gave me a “boots on the ground” view of how planning agencies get things funded and built. This will be a useful perspective for creating programs that can meet policy goals effectively.

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Tell me about the instructors in the program.

The instructors had great real-world experience in the environmental and planning world. Each one had their own unique insight into issues with land use planning. I also enjoyed their guest speakers—they felt like potential future versions of what I may end up doing.

What are your future aspirations for your career?

Near term I want to take more courses in law and public policy. Long term my goal is take on leading and advisory roles in policy making decisions. Also, to teach night courses at a community college. I wouldn’t have been able to eventually get my degree had those not been available to me early in my education.

Would you recommend the Land Use and Environmental Certificate Program?

Yes, especially to state civil servants. The courses teach you what planners at the city and county level have to go through to get projects approved.

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