headshot of Python Certificate Program student Jyotika Sharma

Student Spotlight: Jyotika Sharma

Jyotika Sharma earned her degree in chemical engineering and spent more than three years working in chemical industries in her home country of India. After moving to the United States with her husband, she discovered a new interest in computer programming. Python’s easy-to-read language and widespread use piqued her interest, and she decided to reskill with the help of UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s (CPE) Python for Data Analysis Professional Concentration.

“I wanted to change my field to computers and gain some professional experience in Python,” said Sharma on what led to her enrolling in CPE’s online program. More than halfway through the program, she is writing code and doing analyses in Python. “So far, I am enjoying every course in this program!”

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Hoping to secure a job in Python after completing the program, Sharma appreciates the real-world applications and hands-on experience she’s gaining. “I value learning about current trends in the data analysis world and doing work at a professional level,” she said. Since entering the program, she’s learned about new libraries like Pandas and Matplotlib, is using Spark and Docker Engine, and working on AWS for big data sets. “Learning with experienced instructors leads to learning new techniques and being able to use their experience in your own work.”

Check back to learn more about Sharma’s experience as she completes the program.

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