Brewing expert Charlie Bamforth poses with bottles of beer

On Tap with UC Davis: Free Q&A with Charlie Bamforth and Beer Tasting with the Experts

Pope of Foam to Host a Free Q&A

What could be better than getting your most pressing beer-related questions answered by the Pope of Foam himself? Crack open a beer during Happy Hour on May 14 and join UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Brewing Programs for this free event. “Ask the Expert Happy Hour” is a live question and answer session with Charlie Bamforth, distinguished professor emeritus at UC Davis. This free webinar is open to anyone looking for advice on all things brewing.

NEW! Brewing Lecture Webinar Series

Check out our spinoff webinar series featuring well-known brewing experts sharing their knowledge on various topics from malt quality to beer law. Designed for home and professional brewers, these short, topic-based webinars allow brewers to quickly get up to speed on specific brewing topics. Learn more

While people across the country continue to practice social distancing and stay put in their homes, Charlie Bamforth invites brewers into his (virtually, of course) for an informal exchange about beer. “I am looking forward to the session,” says Bamforth who has been continuing to train brewers from home despite these unprecedented times. “Here I am, camped out in front of my computer—safe and sound, but trusting that my laptop doesn't give up on me—and I hope you will be out there during our happy hour. I'd love to hear what you are up to and any topics that you would like to talk over.” Brewers, you won’t want to miss this. 

Tasting a Clone of Courage Best Bitter

Missing your favorite pub right now? We are too, but maybe this will help a little... 

Filmed in the salad days of our pre-shelter-in-place existence (aka, February), CPE's Gina Reed was joined at Sudwerk Brewing Company by Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting & Brewing Science at UC Davis, Glen Fox, and Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Charlie Bamforth. They bellied up to the bar to sample two clones of Courage Best Bitter brewed by Harlan Coomes, an alum of the UC Davis Master Brewers Certificate Program

Courage Best Bitter was originally created by English brewer, John Courage, in the late 18th century, and became a personal favorite of Harlan's. Wanting to recreate it, Harlan tapped into the knowledge he gained from the Master Brewers Program, and got a few pointers from Charlie "the pope of foam" Bamforth, too. 

So, fix up a plate of bangers and mash, pour yourself a pint, and settle in with our tasters as they take a trip down memory lane with this classic English beer.

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