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Turning Stop-Outs Into Graduates: UC Davis Program Aims to Reengage Students

Quick Summary

  • For UC students with incomplete degrees
  • Californians with some college and no degree are also eligible
  • Enrollment in pilot program at UC Davis and UC Riverside begins winter 2023
  • UC provides 2-year allocation of $4.85 million in state funding

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education takes part in pilot program targeting students who didn’t finish college

The University of California has allocated more than $4.85 million in state funding to support California adults wanting to complete their college degrees or obtain a certification.

The program, dubbed the UC Degree Completion Program, was developed by the University of California Reengagement Consortium, an innovative partnership between UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) and UC Riverside University Extension, and in affiliation with existing programs at UC Santa Barbara and UC Merced. The initiative serves two populations: UC students with incomplete degrees, also known as “stop-outs” in higher education, and California residents with some college and no degree attainment.

The initiative aims to reengage adults who stopped going to college through the continuing and professional education programs, allowing them to access flexible instructional modalities. During the first two years, the UC Degree Completion Program is looking to support nearly 800 students.

“The UC Degree Completion Program empowers adult learners by helping them address the barriers that prevent them from successfully completing their degree,” said Susan Catron, dean of UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. “We are excited to partner with our colleagues at UC Riverside Extension, and the larger UC community, to serve Californians who lack the credentials needed to advance their personal career goals.”

Addressing Barriers for Californians

The program targets UC stop-outs from UC Davis and UC Riverside, as well as other adults in the two campuses’ service areas with some college and no degree. The program model is designed to be as flexible as possible to support working professionals, unemployed and underemployed adults by helping with application fees, offering strong advising support, providing access to available UC-approved online courses, and alleviating challenges associated with familial and professional obligations that impede students from degree completion, transfer eligibility and certificate attainment.

UC Davis CPE and UC Riverside University Extension will not be conferring degrees directly but will provide pre-reentry college credit coursework and advising to students seeking readmission or transfer. Although the primary focus is re-entry and degree completion, under this program adults may also opt to complete professional certificate programs. Enrollment for the pilot cohort will begin winter 2023.

According to a recent survey on the Some College, No Credential population by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, California has the greatest number of stop-outs in the United States: over 6.3 million and a full 17.5% of such adults in the United States.

Interested in Participating?

Learn more about participating in the UC Degree Completion Program. Email Jake Hosier.

The two-year $4.85 million originates from State Budget Act of 2019 and will serve as start-up monies to establish three possible academic pathways: degree completion (re-entry), transfer and certificate completion. Although the focus is first and foremost on degree completion, students opting for an alternative, shorter pathway will have the option to choose from the entire portfolio of qualifying certificate programs at each of the four collaborating campuses.

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