Human Immunology


Explore the complexities of the human immune system and the mechanisms of immunity in this online course for students who are interested in human immunology, as well as individuals seeking to complete required prerequisite course work to enter a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) program or other health profession programs, such as medical school.

Through recorded video lectures, reading assignments and quizzes, this course covers:

  • Introduction to the human immune system in health and disease
  • Basic components and function of the human immune system
  • Molecular basis of the immune response, including immunoglobulin genes, major histocompatibility complexes and their role in the immune response
  • Basic cellular and molecular mechanisms involving processing and presentation, T cell and B cell development
  • Initiation of the immune response, effector mechanisms and immunological memory
  • Interactions between cells of the immune system for production of immune responses and the molecules that regulate these interactions
  • Diseases associated with defects and dysfunction of the human immune system

Students will also explore reviews and clinical cases related to how human immunology is applied to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human diseases, including cancer, infectious diseases, allergy, transplant rejection and autoimmune diseases.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the human immune system
  • Identify terminology and functional significance of the tissues, cells, proteins and genes associated with the immune response
  • Recognize normal regulatory mechanisms and pathologic outcomes related to the immune response
  • Analyze failures of the body’s immune system, including allergies and autoimmune diseases
  • Identify human immune response to disease and vaccines

Skills You Will Gain

  • Basic principles of immunology
  • Vocabulary in immunology
  • Scientific critique
  • Preparation for health professions
  • Practical knowledge of pandemics caused by coronaviruses
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Online class

Section Notes

Course begins April 1 and ends June 13.

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Section Course Materials

The Immune System

ISBN 978-0-393-44172-7
We recommend using the eBook version which will give you access to digital resources including terminology flashcards and animations; these are optional and supplemental but recommended.
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