Introduction to Clinical Hematology


Explore the principles of clinical hematology in this course designed for aspiring clinical laboratory professionals. While this course is ideally suited for those needing a hematology prerequisite for Clinical Laboratory Scientist programs, all pre-health professionals are welcome. This course is LFS (Laboratory Field Services) accredited but does not include a lab component.

Through video lectures, reading assignments, quizzes, written assignments and discussion forums, this comprehensive introductory course covers:

  • A basic introduction to cell morphology
  • The array of anemias, white blood cell disorders and abnormalities in hemostasis
  • Commonly used laboratory methods and diagnostic techniques 

This is not a self-paced course. Students will progress through the course together. Course modules are released weekly, where lessons typically load on Wednesdays and are due the following Tuesdays. You can log in and work on course materials at any time within that week. The instructor of this course is active and available for questions, clarification and assistance through discussion posts and online messaging.

Learning Outcomes

  • Differentiate and categorize the normal and abnormal morphology of the different cell types in the blood and bone marrow
  • Analyze and compare the basic pathology related to these different abnormalities in the red and white blood cells
  • Recognize basic hemostasis and evaluate the pathology that can lead to bleeding or hypercoagulable states
  • Demonstrate and practice basic laboratory methods
  • Apply the basic knowledge in hematology for future professional training (e.g. Clinical Laboratory Scientist training program)

Skills You Will Gain

  • Laboratory methods
  • Diagnostic techniques 
  • Problem solving and decision making
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Online class

Section Notes

Course begins June 24th and ends September 2nd, 2024.  

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Technical Requirements

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Section Course Materials

Clinical Hematology and Fundamentals of Hemostasis

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Denise M. Harmening PhD MLS(ASCP) CLS(NCA)
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