OLLI summer 2021 courses

Special Interest Groups for Creative Types and Call for Volunteers

If you have a creative mind – a green thumb, or a knack for knitting – don’t miss great, upcoming Special Interest Groups for the week of July 26. And don't miss our call for volunteers to help OLLI refurbish newspaper-racks for distributing the OLLI catalog.

OLLI Summer Enrollment Assistance and More

Learn how you can get help registering for summer courses, discover upcoming volunteer opportunities with OLLI and don't miss our exciting August concert and course with Nathan Carterette.

Summer Registration Begins June 14

Get out of the heat and into a class! Renew your membership to get free access to our stimulating array of summer Special Interest Groups and upcoming summer courses. Summer is also a great time to become a Zoom co-pilot and help your fellow OLLI members.

COVID Recedes and OLLI Blossoms for Summer 2021!

Summer quarter begins July 6, and OLLI will be offering novel Zoom learning adventures and a whole new host of Special Interest Groups to keep you entertained and informed July through September. Learn more.