Open Campus Forms

How to Enroll

Please note: Participating in this educational program does not in itself provide preference in admission to the University of California. Students interested in applying to the university should refer to the admissions website or the admissions office of the UC campus they wish to attend for details about the admissions process.

  1. Choose the courses you want to enroll in. Refer to the UC Davis General Catalog and Registration Guide for a list of all available courses. Some restrictions apply, so be sure the courses you are interested in are available for Open Campus enrollment. See limitations on the enrollment policies page. You may also refer to the website to search for courses available by term.
  2. Contact the instructor of record for pre-approval(s). All Open Campus students must comply with the Visitor UC vaccination policy until they are enrolled in a class. Once enrolled, Open Campus students will follow the UC Student Vaccination Policy. See the Campus Ready site for more information. We will update this site as more details are available. Regardless of vaccination status you must complete a Daily Symptom Survey to enter the UC Davis campus.
  3. Complete an electronic Open Campus enrollment form.
  4. Forward completed form(s) and copy of the email noting permission from the instructor to enroll to the CPE office at
  5. CPE will confirm approval with the instructor for each course.
  6. Once enrollment approvals are confirmed, you will be enrolled and forwarded a confirmation and invoice for course fees.
  7. Pay your course fees online to finalize the enrollment process.

Other Forms