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(RESOLVED) Technical Difficulties: A Few Fall Courses Missing from Our Website

PLEASE NOTE: The issue below has been resolved. All OLLI fall 2022 courses are available now online for registration. Enroll today!

UPDATE: Fall Courses Missing from Our Website

Is a course you are looking for missing from our website? Please note:

The following fall OLLI courses have been restored to the web and are now open for online enrollment:

222SNR 302 - August Caesar's World...

222SNR 305 - Women in the Blues

222SNR 304 - Archaeology of the Viking Age

222SNR 344 - Joan Didion the Works

222SNR 384 - Geoscience and Global Politics

222SNR 388 - Ukraine - a Teachable Moment

We also have some news pertaining to the two courses below:

222SNR367 (Meet the Mayor) Our guest speaker has asked to change the date. We will restore the class to the web for online registration once a new date has been set.

222SNR370 (Russia vs. Ukraine...) This class will be postponed to a future quarter. The instructor has professional obligations that have interrupted his teaching schedule.

If you have questions about the above, please call our Student Services team at 530-757-8777. To view our full catalog of fall OLLI courses, click here. Thank you for supporting OLLI at UC Davis.