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Courses Open for Enrollment

Course Title Online Enroll Start Date
OLLI Reads: A Book Discussion Group check mark Enroll Now
Mindfulness: Making Peace with Yourself check mark Enroll Now
Wine, Whine and Chat check mark Wait List
Warner Bros., Busby Berkeley, and Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal Enroll Now
John Lee Hooker Senior and Junior: Blues, Addiction, Prison, Redemption Enroll Now
The Great Flip: The Shifting Views of Liberals and Conservatives on Active Government - Part 1 Enroll Now
Black Holes Can Dance check mark Enroll Now
Hiking the John Muir Trail check mark Enroll Now
The Earth BioGenome Project: Progress on Biology’s Moonshot Enroll Now
Living Lightly Strategies for Everyone check mark Enroll Now
Nuclear Physics: The Whole Enchilada Enroll Now
Ancestral Actions For Healthy Aging Enroll Now
UC Reserve Wildflower Interpretive Hike Wait List
Civic Rights Actions: Absolute Official Immunity Enroll Now
Health Effects of Loneliness and Isolation check mark Enroll Now
In Other News check mark Enroll Now
Memoirs: A Writing Workshop check mark Wait List
The Great Flip: Part 2 Enroll Now
The First Amendment: Freedom of Speech, the Free Exercise of Religion and the Establishment Clause check mark Enroll Now
Roxie Does Chicago: Evolution of a Story Enroll Now
The Future of Energy: Room Temperature Superconductivity Enroll Now
Mindfulness Retreat: Settling In Enroll Now
Reading the New Yorker check mark Enroll Now
Wine, Whine and Chat check mark Enroll Now
Cultural Burning in California Enroll Now
Election 2024: A Rundown of Races and Themes with a Polling Expert check mark Enroll Now
Please Don't Bite Me! check mark Enroll Now
Taj Mahal and Keb' Mo' Enroll Now
Nineteen Thousand Tulips in Bloom! Enroll Now
OLLI Reads: A Book Discussion Group check mark Enroll Now
Cities on Volcanoes Enroll Now
The Novice's Guide to Cricket: The World's Second Most Popular Sport check mark Enroll Now
Canadian Musicians in America check mark Enroll Now
The Seeds of Perpetual Conflict Sprout Again: Gaza Invades and Attacks Israel Enroll Now
Druids and Heretics: Ancient Wisdom and the Climate Crisis Enroll Now
World Religions and Cultures in Cinema Enroll Now
Current Developments in the US Supreme Court Enroll Now
The Greeks and Their Gods Enroll Now
High Mountains are Real Matter Enroll Now
Gender Across Generations: Trans 101 check mark Enroll Now
Sing to Connect Enroll Now
Songhatching Enroll Now
Ecoreportage: Using Art to Document Ecological Change Enroll Now
Future Food: Cultivated Meat and Alt Proteins check mark Enroll Now
The Guitar and a Changing Nation: Exhibit at the California Museum Enroll Now
Reading the New Yorker check mark Enroll Now
Anatomy of a Musical: Part 2 Enroll Now
The Trial: Two Masterpieces Enroll Now
My Favorite Poems - And Yours! Enroll Now
Teaching Race Now: The 1619 Project Enroll Now
Innovations in Modern Palliative Care check mark Enroll Now
Innocence: San Francisco Opera Enroll Now
UC Natural Reserves: Hidden Treasures check mark Enroll Now